Zachary Carlisle on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre,...We're Back One More Time

Just a 'Hopeless Romantic'
Zachary Carlisle
 In November, 2012 Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre  finished the last year broadcasting with  poetry as we started, "How Do You Create?". We invited local and international poets who were of the revolution nature. It was a bit difficult to find and fortunately I knew a few and one came on the show just because I asked. HLT never made it to the last show for December and we had no intentions to until Zachary Carlisle. He comes with a smile and a song.
I have been running into this tall good looking Black man for a while in the little community of Long Beach. I would see him with this little case and wonder. One day,  Zachary Carlisle and I was rolling on the Blue Line heading inbound to downtown Long Beach, California. Zachary is a local Long Beach singer/songwriter playing the Ukulele and Guitar. The ukulele is eclectic as you can get as he sung his intriguing song on the south bound train. His talent and bright spirit caught my attention and I had to bring him to Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre. He recently joined his friends and created the band, ‘Hopeless Romantics’.  
Zachary Carlisle~ “I’m both a visual and performing artist with a message of love and inter-connectivity.”  
He is also a conscious artist and is in tune with the wave of ECLECTIC SOUL Music hitting a positive energy in this wonderful multi-verse.

 I searched a little bit and found Oscar Jordan who sparked the essence of this eclectic soul in 2004. After visiting Amazon, HLT will re-introduce you to the world of this genre ‘Eclectic Soul'.

Oscar Jordan
Zachary Carlisle brings this and you will know like I know this eclectic soul is worth HLT firing up the Hotwordz mic again. You know how I like to share great music in the air, so  come listen to  eclectic genre in the atmosphere~G.g.
HOSTED by Ghetto G.g. Gospel & Lisa Michelle Garrett
 On June 22, 2013               Show Time 3:30 p.m. PST/6:30 p.m. EST

As fate would have it, Zackary Carlisle, a local Long Beach singer/songwriter is also in tune with meta-higher coming from the soul music. A smile, a voice and a ukulele with his guitar not far behind is all you need to be hooked to the sounds of sweet strings and everything you thought was lost or forgotten about in the world of music. Zachary is busy in the streets of Long Beach, CA performing at local venues with a group of friends who formed 'Hopeless Romantics'. We can talk about the cultural aspect of it, but it zeros in on Eclectic Soul  and with all the funk of it and all that you love about pure music, Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre has hit pay dirt with music for the mind giving no repetitious re verbs that strike every nerve. This eclectic soul music is brain enhancement. Just listen and partake of the splendor and again, how do you create?, ~Emile Ovasi bka ghetto Gg gospel
Show Date:  June 22, 2013
Show Time:  3:30 P.M. PST
                    6:30 P.M. EST
Call to Listen 347-945-6182
 I ran into Val Richardson at Los International Airport and since I ran into Zachary on the train and Val catching a plane,  Well between Zachary Carlisle and Val Richardson, you will  see what made HOTWORDZ  broadcast one more time. And we will spin some Oscar Jordan.
It's all Eclectic!!





PoetryFeen/Underated Poet on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre 11/14 by H L T | Blog Talk Radio

PoetryFeen/Underated Poet on Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre 11/14 by H L T | Blog Talk Radio


Hotwordz HLT 4th Anniversary Today -

On 11.13.2012 Hotwordz Lyrical Theatre will feature Poetryfeen from Ohio on BTR. Today is HLT's 4th year anniversary and we had to fire up a mic and talk about it. You can google Hotwordz and see the hard work over the pass 4 years. Hotwordz supports Independent Artists and back them iin knowing we don't need mainstream. We need each other and our fans.Peace, Love, and Revolution!! 

Hotwordz HLT 4th Anniversary Today - Live & Recorded Episodes:


Black Is My Skin by Poet Jeffrey Grice

Poet Jeffrey Grice 

Support Independent Artists

~Peace, Love, and Revolution!!
  ~get a pen for the end~G.g.
 To Contact Jeffrey Grice https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.grice.98?fref=ts

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Jeffery Grice Black Skin is In on HLT

Jeffery Grice is Jersey born but grew up as a writer in the city of Atlanta which is the place filled with poets and writers waiting for their turn on the big stage. But Jeffery’s stage is set every time he opens his mouth to speak lyrical words of wisdom and experience to the average person who will listen. They will listen because they understand his experience. They know because it may be their experience as well. Growing up in this world with black skin is where Jeffery Grice sets his own stage with the edition of his poetry work, “Black Is My Skin: A Thematic Collection of Poetry."
This is where their eyes get big because the profound lyrics take over their ears and they are instantly consumed with knowledge. Jeffery’s long history of writing poetry ultimately set him above any big mainstream stage. His lyrics come hard and deep and there is no time for sleep in the ashes of letters left at his feet. Jeffrey Grice has worked long and hard with tools needed but he forged ahead and with the assistance of his wife right by his side, she joins his dream. This book is the beginning of much success for this hardworking poet. He places his stamp on this project and looks over the sweet smell of accomplishment.  From the ‘The Sidewalk Poet”, he takes his place in the Atlanta hunt for recognition and here you have it.  Jeffery Grice is now a published author of poetry. He has taken it from the street and now shares his words around the world.


Black Is My Skin: A Thematic Collection of Poetry ~ a provocative and poignant lyric book using each word to give readers a visual story of today’s African Americans in society. Each poem is a guide to follow as it relates to the author’s lifelong experience. 

Show Date: 10.16.2012
Show Time:   3:30 P.M. On The WEST Coast
                      6:30 P.M. On The East Coast

Peace, Love, and Revolution!